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What Sets us Apart?

Here's 6 reasons why LEVESYS remains a number one choice for Australia's Construction Industry.



1. Truly 100% Australian Made

Established for the Australian Construction industry in 1989, the LEVESYS team of experts have an intimate and practised knowledge of your industry sectors – some of our current staff were even clients of LEVESYS before joining our team!

Combined with our knowledge and understanding of the nuances of Engineering, Construction and service-based organisations, ongoing product development remains a process anchored around your operational feedback and client participation at the bi-annual LEVESYS Community forums held Australia-wide.

Furthermore, in keeping your software timely and leading edge, key members of the LEVESYS team retain seat’s on a number of advisory panels in a consultancy capacity that have a direct impact on industry regulation. Throughout the year LEVESYS are also actively engaged in working partnerships with current industry bodies to remain at the forefront of education, development and industry change.

Understanding how integral the LEVESYS software is to the smooth running of your business is the key to our success.

2. Measured Benefits

Your challenge is to reduce complexity and unnecessary costs, to eliminate risk, avoid extended project timelines and drive profit into your organisation. This is achieved through LEVESYS’ integrated ERP software solution.

At LEVESYS we work in partnership with your team to understand what metrics resonate within your organisation and provide the support, evaluation, implementation processes and reporting tools to demonstrate how the software and data supports the organisation’s business goals - we care about your business.

With the LEVESYS Software system in place, the benefits you can expect to see will include revenue and profitability increase, reduced risk, heightened competitive advantage and much more. LEVESYS gives your company back full control of its’ projects' scope, viability, handling of variations and subcontractor management - all of which is tightly integrated with financials and industry-specific payroll.

3. Implementation process

Your implementation process is fully inclusive, an integral part of your overall product and service delivery – and as a lump sum, is priced as such!

Practised methods ensure there are clearly defined actions given to both parties to achieve measurable results and reported at every stage of the process. Our considered and structured data gathering exercise will deliver phased outcomes ensuring there is a marriage of roles and responsibilities that guide your business, step-by step, to achieve a smooth transition of both data and the skill-sets of your staff.

Integrating preferred or semi-customized solutions into the LEVESYS software is a considered part of our service. LEVESYS consultants will partner with you to develop the right sequence and process outcomes within the LEVESYS software to realise your one, complete solution.

4. Engagement and Best Practice

When LEVESYS partners with your organisation, it brings 25 years of Australian industry experience, systematic knowledge of business processes and strategic planning advice to your business, providing a clear point of difference from our competitors.

State-by-State, our bi-annual Community Forums guarantee there is a sharing of best practice, real-time industry feedback and continued client involvement in the development of LEVESYS software – all based on your operational and industry needs.

Ongoing, our consultancy services remain available to you as your business grows and continues to engage with the LEVESYS software.

We are very proud of both our client and staff longevity. We don’t just sell software at LEVESYS, we work with you to improve your business – we consider it a partnership.

5. Support & Training

At LEVESYS we provide an extensive range of ‘on & off’ premise solutions that reduce training time and costs, and that can also dramatically improve the efficiency and learning processes for your staff.

Your training is designed and delivered by LEVESYS trainers with many years of hands on industry experience. A user/ job role based approach and carefully defined processes deliver a methodical and practical learning and training environment, ensuring your business objectives for change and development are met.

In addition to online videos, case studies, user manuals, integrated Q&A help-text and, advanced “Train the Trainer/Super user” tuition, LEVESYS’ telephone help-desk support facilities are unsurpassed for your continuous ‘on the job’ learning.

Nationwide, your aftercare support service is measured against a maximum 2-hour turnaround time on any one of your support calls; in fact, our average response is around 45 minutes – an industry benchmark!

6. Security & Data Security

Within LEVESYS, role based interfaces limit users to perform only the functions prescribed to you when completing data capture tasks and key outputs. Project personnel can also be restricted to functions which limit them to the jobs assigned as a job team member.

Governance and integrity – the LEVESYS software is built around integrity, supporting your business achieve its’ zero tolerance policy for violations. LEVESYS incorporates audit trailing and audit stamping to assist supervisors identify which user created or changed records and wrote transactions.

LEVESYS is also a multi-company and multi-branch financial accounting system with reconciliation capability over W.I.P, Bank accounts, payables, receivables, inventory, retentions, and payroll.

LEVESYS also uses and takes advantage of the data security, referential integrity and capabilities of Microsoft SQL.

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